Jaemin’s eyes were still half-lidded, and his focus seemed to be on Jeno’s lips rather than his eyes. He hummed in answer, leaning forward carefully. Jeno panicked, gripping Jaemin’s shoulders with his hands. Jaemin blinked at him, eyes clearing up, “Oh- Oh! Sorry. I am so sorry-”

Peony Flower Meaning - Flower Meaning The Chinese name for Peony even translates to “most beautiful”. Oddly enough, it has somewhat of an opposite meaning to Western individuals. Greek myth says that nymphs used to hide their naked forms in Peonies to shield them from prying eyes. This led to the association of Peonies with shamefulness and bashfulness during the Victorian era. Prying in Tamil, translation, English-Tamil Dictionary prying translation in English-Tamil dictionary. Showing page 1. Found 16 sentences matching phrase "prying".Found in 4 ms. Online eJuice, eLiquid & Premium Vape Juice Shop — Prying Eye

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Prying definition is - inquisitive in an annoying, officious, or meddlesome way. How to use prying in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of prying.

Against Prying Eyes | The Witches' Circle Amino Against Prying Eyes . This blog is based on my own opinions and practices, and by writing this blog I do not mean to say that having a magical book is crucial. Let's begin by discussing what is a magical book. They go by many names; grimoire, tome, book of shadows, book of light, witches book. To some these names might hold different Prying Eyez | Veronica Mars Wiki | Fandom The Prying Eyez main page. "This is the gateway to many a skeleton-filled closet." — Veronica Mars, in You Think You Know Somebody: Prying Eyez is a large online directory of individuals and their histories, specifically for private investigators. Keith and Veronica Mars often make use of the site. prying eyes - Translation into Italian - examples English There's just a lot of prying eyes around this place. È che ci sono un sacco di occhi curiosi , qui intorno. Do not go to Paris, there are so many prying eyes . prying eyes - Spanish translation – Linguee