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Dangerous or derogatory content. Example: Content that singles out someone for abuse or … What parents need to know about inappropriate content This could be: Pornographic material Content containing swearing Sites that encourage vandalism, crime, terrorism, racism, eating disorders, even suicide Pictures, videos or games which show images of violence or cruelty to other people or animals Gambling sites Unmoderated chat rooms – where Learn about inappropriate content online | Internet Matters

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Content on the internet is not sorted into age or appropriate areas and without supervision and guidance, a child can either unintentionally or purposely find content that is sexually explicit, extremely violent or inappropriate. We know that exposure to this type of content can also be psychologically damaging.

It sometimes blocks anything at all. I just number photos with the game number followed by a few digits counting up from 001, so 6001, 6002, 6003, and so on. I've had photos with just a number in the name like 6014 and no description at all get blocked by the inappropriate content filter.

Inappropriate content | Facebook Help Community | Facebook It has become evident to me that someone continues to flag my posts for inappropriate content, which means that you continuously remove my posts, only to repost them, after my follow up. Why isn't anyone going after those individuals or groups that are reporting posts for invalid reasons. How to Block Inappropriate Content on Android: Best Mar 30, 2018 inappropriate - Inappropriateness definition, not appropriate; not proper or suitable: an inappropriate dress for the occasion. See more. 26 Wholly Inappropriate Instagrams - BuzzFeed