My Internet connection stops when I use a VPN service

If your connection to the website is routed via VPN, your ISP provider cannot block it. 1) Check the routing when VPN is activated. It may happen, that traffic to some hosts or networks is routed not via VPN, but via your provider. 2) When traffic is really routed via VPN, then the VPN provider may block some hosts. What does my ISP see when I am connected to VPN? | NordVPN Share this answer Your Internet provider can see that you are connected to NordVPN servers and can see the amount of traffic being passed from/to you but they cannot see the actual traffic because it is encrypted by our servers. Use a VPN to block ISP tracking and protect your privacy. Can My ISP See I'm Using a VPN? - Ask Leo! Sep 13, 2018 Working from home - VPN blocked - Sky Community

ISPs can search for and block the IP addresses known to belong to a certain VPN company. The other method is to disable connection ports that are mostly associated with VPN traffic.

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