Once the lock screen is set up, you can return to the security settings and tap “encrypt phone.”. You’ll be given an initial warning, followed by a prompt for your method of authentication

Goto Settings/Security/Encryption/Encrypt Phone and choose the method i.e. either password or PIN. Select encrypt SD card by cheching the checkbox and select next and confirm your PIN when it prompts. Press the encrypt phone or encrypt tablet option. How do I encrypt text messages on Android? How to Encrypt Your Android Phone and Why Jul 05, 2019 How to Decrypt Android Phone - Deeplytech.com Jan 17, 2019 security - How to encrypt and decrypt file in Android

Jul 20, 2020

Crypt-It file encryption app for android : Android For a "premium phone", one would expect the device to last 2 years at the very least, even though the warranty covers 1 year. Not all of the users will buy the phone at launch, so most of the users are now out of warranty -- and the display is broken. How To Encrypt Android Phone? - OS Today

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How to Hide My Phone Photos? - Rene.E Laboratory Jul 20, 2020 How to Encrypt Android Phone for Extra Security? Aug 06, 2016 How to Encrypt Your Files and Folders - Tom's Guide | Tom Android devices also have a feature that lets you quickly and accessibly encrypt all the files and folders stored on the device. For a walk-through of how to set it up see our guide to encrypting How to Encrypt Huawei Android Phone with Screen Lock