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Sep 02, 2019 · My preference was to go with open source. I use softether as the VPN concentrator and more specifically the one on git . That is v5 which has some fixes for access from some devices such as Mikrotiks. vpn concentrator or aka vpn gateway is dedicated to perform vpn connections (encrypt/decrypt, key exchange ,etc), so it comes with vpn accelerator hardware that could support more vpn throughput Open-source routers can serve as extremely cheap VPN concentrators. Although they arguably do not offer the ease of configuration found in some commercial products, they do speak L2TP, IPSEC, and The OPNsense A10 Quad Core SSD rack edition is a the high performing security appliance running the fully featured and open source OPNsense® firewall software. With it's SSD for storage it is the perfect product running your network security, vpn server and proxy services. In traditional VPN setups, companies configure a single VPN concentrator, and then set up secondary tunnels (often using IPsec) between locations. So remote users arrive at the VPN concentrator in one place, then have their traffic forwarded to its final destination in another place. This traditional setup can be hard to scale.

OpenVPN is an open source based SSL VPN solution that is growing in popularity due to its cost-effective and lightweight nature and the ease of deployment. NoTouch contains OpenVPN and provides an easy to use configuration access.

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Jul 12, 2020

We have a 3000 concentrator and is configured with a remote vpn on it. All the inside network is allowed once a user connceted to the vpn. It is totally behind of firewall. I can access it from an outside IP. But I can't log into the vpn from the inside network. I can ping the public interface; bu VPN Concentrators: A Must for Small Business -- Redmondmag.com