First what kind of external hard drive do you have, USB, eSATA, Ethernet? All but the Ethernet are not directly connectable to a Sonos setup, that one you just plug into your router and give your Sonos the network name and music path and it works.

I want to connect Passports to our router using a powered 3.0 USB hub. When I connect one Passport to the router hub, I see the Passport just fine. When I connect a 3.0 powered hub to the router and plug the Passport into the hub, I do not see the Passport. If I plug thumb drives into the hub, I see them just fine but I don’t see the Passport. May 18, 2009 · NAS is an acronym for Network Attached Storage and it means that this device will convert your USB enclosure to an Ethernet enclosure so you can link it to your home router. If you have an external hard drive that only has USB or Firewire interfaces, but you also want to use that drive as a network media drive (filled with music and movies Apr 26, 2016 · Assuming you can "see" the USB drive attached to your router, you may find that when not in use the drive goes to sleep. You will need to test and if so, find a way of having the drive awake on line before attempting to play a file off of it. Hello, I recently purchased a WD My Book 4 TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive, and I am hoping to share the drive over my network by connecting it to my Verizon MI424WR Router.. The My Book does not have an Ethernet port, so I connected the HDD to the router via USB. I want to just have the HDD to be plugged in centrally to stream to everything else (e,g plug it into the router - I have the Virgin Super Hub) The external hdds I have seen seem to be specific to share with ipads and phones or to set up a cloud network via the internet - which are neither what I am looking for. Step 2: Identify SATA Cables and Plug In Hard Drive. You’ll need to plug your new hard drive in to both power and data. Your hard drive should look something like this once it’s all connected up: Typical connection of a hard drive using SATA cables. The red cable is SATA data, and the connector on the right is the power SATA cable. Better would be the hard drive plugged into a computer that shares the drive on the network. That would allow you to pretty easily replace or expand a drive and, in general, the access would be faster. Drives plugged into a router mostly are slower to access on the network than the same drive connected to a computer and shared on the network.

Why not You can connect one router to another router by two methods. 1. Connect your secondary router's WAN port to any one of the LAN ports in your primary router.

Jul 20, 2014 · I'm not sure how my title ended up like that but oh well. These are all really great answers and sure gives me a lot to think about. I originally wanted to plug my giant 5TB into the back of my router. Like I said it's not on the approved device list from the router mfg. I was hoping to plug it into the routers ethernet port via an adapter. Connecting a Seagate USB Hard Drive to a network router Connecting a Seagate USB Hard Drive to a USB port on your existing network router could be a cost effective way to share files and data on the network and may be accessible to many devices such as PCs, Macs, Smart TVs, and even Tablets and Phones.

On the left menu, go to USB Settings-> Storage Sharing.Make sure the Service Status is Started and the shared storageis Enabled, if not, please click on Start or Enable.If you cannot see the USB device, please double check the USB device is well plugged, then click on Rescan. Back on "Black Friday" eero advertised that there is a USB 2.0 port in you technoligy section "Dual auto-sensing Gigabit ports for WAN (cable or DSL modem) and/or LAN (networked device) connectivity, USB 2.0 port" was deceptive and needed to include the caveat I found in the help center "printers can also be connected to your eeros via Ethernet. Sep 03, 2014 · Will any external hard drive with an ethernet port (to plug into my router) then sync up with my PS3 and smart tv and stream video from the drive? You don't need any special programs. The PS3 and your SmartTV are DLNA compatible.