In short, I want to delete everything except my personal Google/Gmail account, personal YouTube account, and work YouTube account. I also want to start over with Adsense, Analytics and everything else. I want to have everything living in one space and delete the rest.

How to delete your Gmail account - Jul 03, 2017 How To Delete Google+, Youtube From Your Google Account 2.2 Steps to delete YouTube Account easily – Delete Google+ without deleting Gmail Delete Google+ profile , Google Plus pages , Gmail , Youtube , Google Search without deleting Gmail Gmail accounts are one of the most used e-mail service for the people around the world. How to Delete a Gmail Account, Completely: Step by Step Guide

How To Delete An Email Account Off A Windows Phone - YouTube

Oct 04, 2017 How to clear your Gmail search history on desktop or

Mar 03, 2013

How To Delete An Email Account Off A Windows Phone - YouTube Apr 25, 2012 Remove parental controls on my daughter's account - Gmail This is exactly my situation. I have a business/ music band account that is stuck to my personal gmail account. Can’t activate a YouTube account or related features on it. The other admins to the account can’t have full functionality on the account. How do I disable …