Yet Pew found that most people on Facebook only know about 50 of their (average) 155 friends. Two-thirds of their connections on Facebook are strangers. And this is true across social media platforms. But it’s not really the frequency with which you use social media that leads to identity theft. It’s how you use those social networking

Identity Theft Through Social Networking? Lessons to Take Now! Jul 08, 2020 Identity Theft and Social Media - IJCSNS has seen a striking increasein levels is Identity Theft. This study tries to shed light on 1922the evolution of Identity Theft on social media platforms; and how this h repository of personal ric information has become a breeding ground for identity thieves. Keywords: Social Media, blogging, crimes, personal information, Identity Theft. 1.

'They Messed with the Wrong Gal': What to Do When Your

Jul 11, 2018

Identity theft can be done through social media too, as Maria Crane learned the hard way in June 2013. This lady from Minnesota has been running a company which teaches children horse riding and sells horse supplies and tack gear. She also runs a Facebook business page representing the company.

look into related crimes that can involve social media to estimate how often these crimes occur. Identity Theft • The 2010 Internet Crime Report from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reported that identity theft was the third highest complaint at 9.8% for 2010. In addition, identity theft was