Nov 08, 2018

How to get your PUK and unlock your phone May 17, 2018 PUK used 10 times now blocked — MoneySavingExpert Forum Jan 28, 2009 To Know AT&T PUK code | Unlock Your AT&T SIM and Reset PIN Because if you enter incorrect PUK code for 10 attempts, the SIM will be blocked and you should buy a new SIM card which costs you some dollars. >> To Get your AT&T PUK code : You can get AT&T PUK code through following two methods . You can choose the method according to …

What is PUK Lock | How to Unlock a PUK Locked Sim Card

'PIN code blocked. Enter PUK code:' 'Enter PUK code' 'SIM card locked. Emergency calls only. Please contact Customer Care' If you enter a PIN code incorrectly several times in a row, the device blocks you from attempting again. To enter a PUK code and unblock the PIN, follow these steps: Important: You must call Customer Care for the PUK code How to Set Up SIM Card Lock On Android Phone This will open a new windows or pop-up containing the PUK Code associated with your SIM Card. 3. Next, enter the PUK code on your phone’s screen to unblock the SIM, and create a new PIN. Note: Entering an incorrect PUK code too many times will result in the SIM getting disabled or permanently locked. If this happens, you will need to contact

Mar 12, 2020

OPT keeps asking PUK code even after correct PUK code Nov 08, 2018 Installing my modem - E3276 LTE/Windows 7 - Singtel If an incorrect PIN is entered three times in a row, your SIM will be blocked. To unblock your SIM, you'll need to key in your PUK. The PUK can be obtained by contacting Customer Service.Please note:If an incorrect PUK is entered ten times in a row, your SIM is blocked permanently. In this case, you'll need a new SIM from SingTel.